GMA Petroleum Holding


GMA provides products in major world zones, such as North Europe, South Europe, Mediterranean, North America, South and Central America, Middle East and Pacific. The products that we offer to our customers include; Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Diesel Oil, Fuel Oil, Bitumen, and Crude Oil.

GMA has a good network of contacts and has earned a positive reputation in the petroleum industry sector. It is essential for our bunkering operation that the products we market are of a very high quality.

Diesel Oil
We provide many quality grades of diesel fuel. Each is produced and held up to the highest standards for you and your vehicle. In addition, a premium diesel fuel is for those who want the benefits of detergency and improved lubricity.

We provide quality gasoline in four octane grades: 90 Ron, 92 Ron, 95 Ron and 98 Ron. If you are a commercial or industrial customer, our line-up of gasoline will provide the quality to meet your demands.

Crude Oil
The four most important global benchmark crudes are listed on the GMA platform; Texas Intermediate, North Sea Brent, Mideast Dubai and Malaysian Tapis.

Bitumen which has been used by ancient Egyptian as an adhesive is a common name for the organic, or hydrocarbon, portion of asphalt. It is very common coal, which is dense, black and has a moisture content of less than 20%. Can be used for generating electricity, making coke, and space heating.

Jet fuel
We provide specialized aviation fuel and lubricants to all sectors of aviation industry. This specific product enables us to focus on our relationships with our partners and our customers, to understand their specific requirements, and seek out innovative and flexible solutions to meet those requirements.